How XF1 Pro and DDU800 achieve high-quality dashaboards display

by Leoxz SDU

How XF1 Pro and DDU800 achieve high-quality dashaboards display

We will showcase the amazing technical details of the screen section of our latest products, the XF1 Pro and DDU800, so that you can better understand our products.


30Hz or 60Hz

Although almost all steering wheels or DDU with screens on the market claim to use 60Hz Vocore screens, as someone who has a deep understanding of this solution, we know that they actually only go up to a maximum of 30Hz.


In addition to the hardware frame rate limitation of the Vocore screen, the rate at which Simhub outputs to the Vocore via USB is also limited to 30Hz. 30Hz is a good choice because a higher frame rate requires a higher rate of screen MCU, which means higher costs, and a higher Simhub USB transfer rate will also result in higher CPU usage. But sometimes we still want to pursue the highest performance, and in this case, 60Hz will be necessary.


The XF1 Pro and DDU800 use a higher-spec chip for the Vocore screen solution, with a chip frequency of 408MHz. Therefore, the hardware layer supports a maximum rate of 60fps. At the same time, the Simbridge eliminates the 30Hz limitation of the Simhub USB and truly achieves a 60Hz dashboard refresh rate. Therefore, it will be the smoothest screen solution on the market.


16bit or 24bit

Transferring screen data through USB 2.0, 16-bit is the best option. A smaller data size ensures a sufficient refresh rate (30-60Hz) and maximizes the quality of the screen. However, sacrificing screen quality is still visible to the naked eye under 16-bit, with the biggest problem coming from color banding, especially when displaying complex and gradient images, where the situation can be very serious.

Vocore screen


To solve this problem, we have adopted Color Dithering technology in both XF1 Pro and DDU800. Thanks to the computing power of MCU 408MHz, it can easily complete this algorithm and bring better screen display effects. Through the following picture comparison, we will show you the improvement of the screen effect brought by the Color Dithering algorithm to XF1 Pro and DDU800.


Setting Display

The screens of XF1 Pro and DDU800 are hardware-level multi-layer systems. In addition to displaying Simhub dashboards normally, they can also display the current state at the same time. When the RGB LEDs and screen brightness change, or the paddles mode is switched, the current change status can be displayed on the screen. Even when you are in the game, you can easily view the current changes.



Both the XF1 Pro and DDU800 use high-spec IPS screens, with a resolution of 800x480 that can display tiny patterns while maintaining clarity. The combination of these technologies will result in a screen display effect that surpasses similar products on the market.