Firmware v15 Firmware_v13

Firmware v16

Firmware v12    XGT SimHub Dashboard Firmware v10
Firmware v15 changes:
  • Added compatibility with XS9 Dongle
  • Improved Hall sensor accuracy when USB power is insufficient

Firmware v13 changes:
  • Removed full-screen flag display and fixed a bug where the pit dashboard could cause the steering wheel to freeze
  • Added compatibility with XS9 Dongle
  • Optimized screen FPS stability
  • Enhanced screen smoothness


Firmware v12 changes:
  • Improved XGT Pro stability,
  • Fixed menu page ui bug.

*Note: The latest v12 firmware can only run with Simbridge v1.7.0 and above.








SimBridge v1.7.2

SimHub  v9


SimHub cannot be directly connected to Leoxz devices, it is necessary to transmit the telemetry data of SimHub to the steering wheel through SimBridge. Complete the SimBridge installation simply by following these steps.

1. Download and Install Simhub

2. Copy Leoxz.PluginSimBridge.dll and PluginsData to the Simhub installation directory

3. Configure Simhub, Setting-Plugins-Enable "Leoxz SimBridge"


Recent changes

1.7.2 – 03/05/2024

  • Update the USB library to use WinUSB instead of the default libusb to ensure better compatibility.
  • Adjust the GUI layout to be more rational and accommodate increasing functionalities.
  • Fixed dashboard Dithering switch enable bug
  • Fixed a plugin error caused by switching games when the XGT Pro is connected

1.6.0 – 07/02/2024

  • Add a new XGT page for XGT Pro and 2.4G XGT Link connection (Please do not connect the USB of the XGT Pro steering wheel and the 2.4G XGT Link to the same computer at the same time).
  • Fixed compatibility issues between the old Simbridge and the new Simhub.

1.5.4-1.5.5 – 10/10/2023

  • Improve the stability of Simbridge.

1.5.3 – 23/09/2023

  • Compatible with XF1 Pro v15 and XF1 Sport-USB v12 firmware.
  • Fixed the issue that could lead to update errors when using an external USB HUB for firmware updates.

1.5.1 – 11/09/2023

  • Fixed the bug preventing dashboard saving in XF1 Pro and DDU800 pages.

1.5.0 – 31/08/2023

  • Added SimHub v9 compatibility.

1.4.1 – 27/03/2023

  • Fixed character error for ui.

1.4.0 – 22/03/2023

  • SimBridge underlying program has been rewritten, solving the delay issue caused by potential process competition.
  • The XF1 Sport page has added BLE adapter status display to determine whether the Bluetooth adapter supports BLE functionality.
  • Added Pit dashboard display switch for XF1 Sport.
  • XF1 Sport has added LED customization function, which can separately configure rpm LEDs(One-color), status LEDs(Two-color), and flag LEDs(Seven-color).
  • Added support for XF1 Sport-USB hardware.
  • Added support for DDU800 hardware.
  • Added support for XF1 Pro hardware, including full Simhub dashboard and led support.
    • The dashboard supports 30 and 60 FPS display (60 FPS will occupy more CPU than 30 FPS).
    • Dithering option is used to control the screen dithering operation to obtain better display effect.
    • Added Clutch paddles and Option paddles mode switching options.
    • Added bite point value setting option.
    • Added encoder pulse width setting option.
    • Complete Simhub Controls support, which can not only control the screen and led but also be used to control paddles mode and bite point value.
  • Added independent hardware switch, which can turn off hardware pages that are not needed.
  • Added hardware firmware version display.
  • Added SimBridge and firmware update check.

1.3.0 – 04/02/2023

  • Improved compatibility with USB connections.
  • Fixed some game telemetry data bugs causing incorrect screen values.

1.2.6 – 28/12/2022

  • Improved compatibility with USB connections.
  • Updated some UI
  • Fixed a bug that caused Simhub to exit abnormally.
  • Fixed bluetooth disconnecting when switching games.
  • Fixed Rpm blue light not working.
  • Fixed some UI bugs of dashboards.

1.2.0 – 08/11/2022

  • Rpm lights support setting via Simhub-Car settings.
  • Improve the transfer rate of usb dashboard data.
  • More Simhub style UI.

1.1.0 – 26/09/2022 - Improved stability

  • Fixed telemetry errors in some games.
  • Fixed some errors in the BLE protocol and reduced wireless latency.
  • Fixed Bluetooth may not reconnect after disconnection.
  • Rewrite the USB communication module, improve the stability of the USB connection and reduce the delay.
  • Fixed the problem that Simhub will freeze when QR Input is enabled in USB mode.
  • Modify the Pit Limiter dashboard to only start when the speed limiter is turned on.
  • Fixed an update bug that could result from connecting Bluetooth and USB at the same time.
  • Fixed update function library missing.

1.0.0 – 30/08/2022 – Official release

  • Leoxz has released the official version of SimBridge, once you encounter any problem, please submit it via or leave a message. We will fix it as soon as possible and launch an updated version.