Leoxz's Story


Leoxz, officially established by a racing engineer Leo and his teammates, was born in a small studio of less than 50 square meters. It is such a small room that carries their infinite research and development wisdom, superb production technology, and a great dream of racing. This dream is not only for themselves, but also for the world who love racing but share with them. Same racing enthusiast.


This dream sprouted 25 years ago in a little baby who just turned 2 years old but showed great love for "cars". Leo seems to be made for cars. From childhood to adulthood, as long as he saw anything about the car, his eyes were filled with stars, and the "car" became the starlight in his eyes. He didn't care about other toys, no matter how cool and handsome they were, and other children were crying and buying them. It was all too easy for Leo's parents to coax him because as long as he was given a toy in a car or directed to look out the window at the traffic, he could instantly be quiet and focused. 

Until he was 10 years old, "Cars" produced by the American Pixar animation studio opened up Leo's racing world. He loves racing cars so much that he even wakes up every day and can clearly remember the scene in his dreams of driving on the track and the glorious moment he stood on the top podium. And these can only appear in dreams because his family's economy is not rich.


Leo planted a seed in his heart that when he grows up, he must become a racing driver, and even let all those who love racing can realize their racing dream, not the same as when he was a child.

Therefore, he often studies various electronic products in his spare time, trying to research various things related to racing, which is his pleasure, and he also has many small inventions because of this. Leo studied racing engineering at university and really stepped into the racing field and met his current teammates in racing. During this period, they have experienced so much loss and joy, and what makes them all very happy is that they have the same experiences, ideas, hobbies, and dreams, and they also know very well what it takes to be a racing driver (whether professional, still amateur), so they decided to set up a Leoxz brand studio together. Its products are not real racing cars but are used for simulation racing equipment. After years of careful research and production, Leoxz finally came out in 2020 years. The products include F1 Steering Wheel, Paddle, and Adapters.


"The visual enjoyment provided by racing cars brings satisfying entertainment to young audiences", this is the evaluation of "cars" by netizens, and it is also the highest concept that Leo follows in the design of his racing simulator. This is doomed that they did not release the product immediately after it came out and let it meet the public, because they strive to greet everyone with the most impeccable attitude. So before that, they have gone through a lot of research and market research, combined with their years of experience and the progress of the times, and learned about the real needs of customers from many customers, coupled with ultra-strict control of products, they continue to ground improvement. From 1.0 to 2.0 to 3.0, the designer didn't know how many drawings were modified because of the 0.01mm, the R&D team didn't know how many already produced parts were sacrificed, and how many finished products were directly used because of 1mm traces Abandoned, or even have to be re-produced because they are temporarily required to add a certain performance to meet the latest customer needs, even if they have no problems and effects on the use effect...
You can imagine how demanding they are in terms of product appearance, quality and performance.

What is certain is that they are not intentionally wasteful, but rather spend more costs (including time, energy and money costs), and also produce the products that customers need most, and check them at every level. His standards are extremely high. . Therefore, it is absolutely impossible for products that do not meet the standards of body sensation to appear under their noses. "Always put customers first, and only make products that customers want" is Leo's first principle, and Jesus can't shake it! But he did not accept the suggestion of "increasing the price of the product" because of his original intention to "make the best racing simulation equipment affordable for racing enthusiasts all over the world to realize their racing dreams". Therefore, they also often visit people in poor mountainous areas, and Leo knows too well the sadness of shutting down hobbies because of poverty.


Leo is such an obsessive-compulsive and stubborn person. Under such high requirements, his production speed is still so fast, his customer's sense of smell is always so sensitive, his design inspiration is always flowing, and his lightning-fast execution is beyond doubt, even if it is rushing to work day and night, He is also willing, with very few exceptions, to ship absolutely as quickly as possible and deliver on time. "Fast, accurate, ruthless" is the team's evaluation of him, and there is nothing more appropriate than this.
Leoxz has been concentrating on researching the products that customers need the most and never advertises. While winning unanimous praise from customers, customers have been urging him to do more publicity. They hope to be known by more racing enthusiasts about Leoxz brand and products, but obviously, customers are more anxious than them. He realized that this is also the need of customers. The principle of "always put customers first, and only make products that customers want" has been ringing Leo's brain, so he thought, it's time to stand up.

He doesn't have a strong background and more money, but he believes that he and the team's demanding production technology and product quality, their consistent "customer first" philosophy, and they defend to the death of racing enthusiasts around the world Can afford and have the right to the most perfect racing experience, that's their best hype.

Here they are exactly us - a group of racing simulator equipment manufacturers behind Leoxz customers, the maintainers of racing experience, your racing dream is to realize, and we are also the firm guardian and developer of the racing simulation business.


We welcome any thoughts from all racing enthusiasts, whether it is about racing cars or anything. We will cherish all supporters and respond as soon as we receive them. We are eager to communicate and collide with more common ideas. Let the racing car we love together have a stronger development, let more people join the ranks of racing enthusiasts, and make racing no longer just a dream.