Leoxz's Story


Leoxz was officially founded by racing engineer Leo Evans and his teammates in a small office space of less than 50 square meters. In this small space, they carried their unlimited research and development intelligence and exquisite production technology, and carried a great racing dream. This dream is not only for themselves, but also for those racing enthusiasts around the world who share the same passion for simulating racing.


This dream sprouted from a little baby who had just turned two years old but showed great love for "cars" 25 years ago. Leo seems to be born for cars. From childhood to adulthood, anything related to cars is a "star" in his eyes. Even if other toys are awesome and more cooler, other children cry to buy them, but he doesn't care. Leo Evans' parents found it too easy to coax him because as long as he was given a toy car, or allowed to look at the traffic outside the window, he would immediately calm down.

It wasn't until he was 10 years old that Pixar Animation Studios' "Cars" opened up Leo's racing world. As someone who loves racing, he could even remember the scenes of racing on the track and standing on the highest podium in his dreams every day after waking up. However, these could only happen in his dreams because his family was not financially well-off.


Leo planted a seed in his heart that he would become a racing driver when he grew up and even help others who love racing to achieve their dreams instead of being discouraged like he was as a child.

Therefore, he often spends his spare time studying various electronic products and trying to research everything related to racing, which is his passion and has led to many small inventions. Leo studied racing engineering at university and entered the racing field, where he met his current teammates. During this time, they experienced many setbacks and joys, but what made them very happy was that they shared the same experiences, ideas, hobbies, and dreams, and they also knew what it takes to become a racing driver (whether professional or amateur), so they decided to establish a Leoxz brand studio together. Their products are not real racing cars but racing simulators. After years of careful research and production, Leoxz was finally launched in 2020.


"The visual enjoyment brought by racing brings satisfying entertainment to the audience." This is how netizens evaluate "cars," and it is also the highest concept that Leo follows in his racing simulator design. This destined that they did not release the product immediately after it came out and met the public, because they strive to meet everyone with the most flawless attitude. Therefore, before this, they conducted extensive research and market research, combined with their years of experience and the progress of the times, to understand customers' real needs from many clients. Then, with super strict control over the product, they kept improving it. From version 1.0 to 2.0 and then to 3.0, the designers did not know how many drawings they had modified, maybe just because of 0.01mm. It can be imagined how strict their requirements are for product appearance, quality, and performance.

It can be certain that they are not wasting intentionally but spending more costs (including time, energy, and money) to produce the products that customers need the most, with layers of quality control. His standards are very high. Therefore, products that do not meet the sensory standards are absolutely impossible to appear under their noses. "Always put customers first and only make products that customers want" is Leo's first principle that even Jesus cannot shake! But he did not accept the suggestion to "increase product prices" because his original intention was to "make the best racing simulation equipment affordable for racing enthusiasts all over the world and help them achieve their racing dreams." 


Leo is a perfectionist and stubborn person. Despite such high standards, his production speed remains fast, his sense of customer demand is always sharp, his design inspiration keeps flowing, and his lightning-fast execution is unquestionable. Even if he has to work day and night, except for a few rare exceptions, he is willing to deliver and deliver on time as soon as possible. "Fast, accurate, and fierce" is how his teammates describe him, and there is no better way to describe him.

Leoxz has always focused on researching the products that customers need the most and never does advertising. While winning unanimous praise from customers, they have also been urging him to do more promotions. They hope to let more racing enthusiasts know about the Leoxz brand and products, but obviously, customers are more anxious than they are. He realized that this is also a customer need. "Always putting customers first and only making products that customers want" has always lingered in Leo's mind, and he thinks it's time to stand up.

He does not have a strong background or more money, but he believes that he and his team's strict requirements for production technology and product quality, their consistent "customer-first" philosophy, and their pledge to defend the rights of racing enthusiasts worldwide to afford and obtain the perfect racing experience are their best promotion.

The "they" referred to here is us—the group of racing simulator equipment manufacturers and racing experience maintainers behind Leoxz customers, the fulfillers of your racing dreams, and the steadfast guardians and pioneers of the racing simulation industry.

Join us, welcome!

We welcome any ideas from all racing enthusiasts, whether it's about racing or anything else. We cherish all supporters and will respond immediately upon receiving their support. We are eager to communicate and collide with more common ideas. Let's develop our beloved racing industry more strongly, let more people join the ranks of racing enthusiasts, and make racing no longer just a dream.