Download SimBridge v1.3.0

*Reminder: If you are unable to update the firmware with Simbridge v1.3, please try using Simbridge v1.1.

SimHub cannot be directly connected to Leoxz devices, it is necessary to transmit the telemetry data of SimHub to the steering wheel through SimBridge.

SimBridge will automatically complete this series of work in the background with high efficiency and low latency. SimBridge can remote OTA update the steering wheel via USB for new dashboards and more steering wheel features.


Recent changes

1.3.0 – 04/02/2023

  • Improved compatibility with USB connections.
  • Fixed some game telemetry data bugs causing incorrect screen values.

1.2.6 – 28/12/2022

  • Improved compatibility with USB connections.
  • Updated some UI
  • Fixed a bug that caused Simhub to exit abnormally.
  • Fixed bluetooth disconnecting when switching games.
  • Fixed Rpm blue light not working.
  • Fixed some UI bugs of dashboards.

1.2.0 – 08/11/2022

  • Rpm lights support setting via Simhub-Car settings.
  • Improve the transfer rate of usb dashboard data.
  • More Simhub style UI.

1.1.0 – 26/09/2022 - Improved stability

  • Fixed telemetry errors in some games.
  • Fixed some errors in the BLE protocol and reduced wireless latency.
  • Fixed Bluetooth may not reconnect after disconnection.
  • Rewrite the USB communication module, improve the stability of the USB connection and reduce the delay.
  • Fixed the problem that Simhub will freeze when QR Input is enabled in USB mode.
  • Modify the Pit Limiter dashboard to only start when the speed limiter is turned on.
  • Fixed an update bug that could result from connecting Bluetooth and USB at the same time.
  • Fixed update function library missing.

1.0.0 – 30/08/2022 – Official release

  • Leoxz has released the official version of SimBridge, once you encounter any problem, please submit it via or leave a message. We will fix it as soon as possible and launch an updated version.