Leoxz warranty covers all material and craftsmanship defects for all products sold on http://www.leoxz.com. This policy only covers original, unaltered, and unmodified materials and craftsmanship. This warranty does not cover damage caused by consumer misuse, abuse, accidents, negligence, or natural material degradation over time. Products with defective materials and craftsmanship should be returned to us for assessment, repair, replacement, or refund. For more policy information regarding repairs, replacements, and returns, please visit the "Law and Policies" section on Leoxz website.


Warranty period

Leoxz offers a one-year warranty for all products, depending on the materials, craftsmanship, usage, and parts availability of each product. Details are as follows:


  1. If you feel that your product does not meet your quality expectations, does not match the online description, or you simply changed your mind, please let us know. We will do our best to address your issue;

  2. If there are manufacturing defects, please notify us within 7 days of receiving your product.;

  3. Leoxz is not responsible for any damages caused by improper use;

  4. Accidental damage is not covered under any warranty provided;

  5. Products repaired by non-Leoxz personnel will lose their warranty eligibility. If you have any questions, please consult with us;

  6. During the warranty period, consumers are responsible for shipping costs for returns;

  7. Technical support will inspect and determine the problem and responsibility:

If it is a quality issue with the product itself, Leoxz will bear all testing fees, material fees, labor fees, and shipping fees when returning the repaired product to the customer;

If the product is considered not covered under this warranty, we will contact the customer to accept the repair costs, or return the product to the customer at our discretion, during which time any transportation and customs clearance costs incurred will be borne by the customer;



  1. For products within the warranty period, once you decide to repair or return the product, please contact customer service via email: support@leoxz.com to communicate the specific content;

  2. Please do not send your product back to us before we confirm. Doing so may result in additional import delays, costs, or your product may be confiscated by HMRC in the end;

  3. Once we receive the product you want to repair or return, along with all required documents, technical support will inspect and confirm;

  4. Maintenance will require some time, depending on the condition of the product to be repaired. Once the repair is completed and shipped, customer service will notify you as soon as possible and provide you with the latest logistics tracking number.


For more information on exchange and return policies, please visit the "Law and Policies" section on our website.


*We only provide refund services for orders placed on the Leoxz official store. For orders from Leoxz authorized official dealer stores, please contact your original seller.